Fibre broadband update
At the Community Gathering on Friday 21 April the prospects for fast fibre broadband in the parish were outlined, and at that stage it looked like the best option was B4RN, which would have involved considerable efforts in organisation, fundraising, establishing the necessary easements, and finally burying the fibre cable itself. Since then, by astonishing coincidence, Openreach has declared plans to extend its network to Dodding Holme, Scarfoot, Laverock Hill, and Mealbank: in an email to me, BT has confirmed that this will occur 'later this year. The survey has been completed so we are now planning the work and will be scheduling soon'. It appears, therefore, that these places need only wait a few months longer until they are included in Openreach's network, making fibre broadband available to subscribers.

There was no mention of Oak Bank, Kiln Croft, or more widely scattered settlements. Residents of these places are advised to contact Openreach's Paul Cretney at to see if they are included in these plans.