Parish Environment Group
This is a small group with a brief to carry out the actions and projects which were identified in our Community Plan. Whilst having an interest in matters such as climate change, reduction in energy use, promoting cycling and walking, renewable technologies and the protection of wildlife, we have been most active in maintaining a good network of footpaths, regular clearing of litter and promoting parish walks.

The work of the Environment Group over the last five years has been splendid, and much has been achieved. Our footpaths are well maintained and open. Litter is cleared twice a year. Parish land is carefully managed. Parish woodlands are flourishing. Woodland management, coppicing and beekeeping are encouraged. The Five Skelsmergh Walks have been an inspiration for exploring the parish. There is, of course, much left to do, and we welcome new members to help. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Mary Chapman 01539 731863. The next meeting will be on Monday 22nd June 2015 7.30pm at 9 Kiln Croft, Skelsmergh.

Minutes of Group meetings