Flytipping at Laverock Bridge
On 2 November 2016 Liz Robson heard some noises coming from the layby beside Laverock Bridge and, on investigating, found a car speeding off, having fly-tipped five bin-bags full of rubbish into the Mint and onto the bank. Here's her account of what happened:

While out walking this afternoon, 2nd November, near Laverock Bridge on the Mealbank road I heard the sound of bottles rattling, and, looking over the river, I saw the driver of a silver car depositing bags of refuse onto the river bank. I ran to the bridge to see the culprit speeding away up the road towards Greyrigg. On reaching the layby I found five large bags of bottles, two on the river bank and three down beside the river. Someone had obviously had quite a party at the weekend, but was too lazy to  take their refuse to the dump. I cannot understand  this sort of behaviour. We live in such a beautiful part of the  country, and it is not difficult in Kendal to dispose of one's litter responsibly, yet there are those who do not respect their neighbourhood and destroy its beauty for others.

If anyone has information about who the culprit might have been, please contact the webmaster of this site, who will pass the information to the police. Our community should not tolerate this or any other sort of antisocial behaviour.