Skelsmergh & Scalthwaiterigg spring clean
The Skelsmergh & Scalthwaiterigg Parish Council organises twice-yearly cleanups of the roadside verges in the parishes - the A6 from the border with Kendal to Selside, Burneside Road, the roads around Mealbank, and part of Paddy Lane. The most recent of these, held on Sunday 10th April 2016, was particularly well supported, with 22 volunteers picking up an astonishing 62 full bin bags of rubbish, the vast majority of it a detritus of the throw-away society: crisp and chocolate wrappers, fast-food containers, cigarette packs, soft drink and (worryingly) alcohol bottles and cans. It's difficult to understand the mentality of a person who thinks it's acceptable to throw rubbish from a moving car or van, and the consensus among volunteers was that a culture change is needed. Until that happens, though, we will continue to pick up after the thoughtless louts and live in hope.

The soup and bacon butties served in the Community Hall afterwards were delicious, and thanks go to the providers as well as to the volunteers who made the cleanup such a success.