Community Plan
Consulting parishioners on the next Community Plan

Five years ago our first Community Plan dropped through your letterbox, a colourful and fairly aspirational plan drawn up after consultation with parishioners. Many of the targets which we set then have been achieved, others are ongoing and some proved to be impossible.

Since 2009 you might think that not much has changed in our parish, it's still a fine place to live, the curlews return each year, affordable housing remains scarce and and there is no public transport. However, people have moved in and out, the parish council membership has changed and the Community Hall is now a thriving enterprise. We therefore need a new, concise Community Plan for the next five years. In June 2015 the Parish Council circulated a questionnaire to all the households in the parish. We requested your views and opinions on the topics of environment, housing, transport and highways, communications,community and social issues. The result has been circulated to households in printed form, and is also available here.

The old Community Plan is available at this link.

The 2015 Community Plan: